Push-Button Analysis on the Seven Bridges Platform

Recorded on 10/07/2020 @ 11:00 AM EST  Location: Online

The Seven Bridges Platform offers significant flexibility for analyzing multi-omic data. Users are able to organize projects, run CWL tools and workflows of their choice and carefully hand-pick input files in order to complete a task. 

Keeping our busy developers and end users in mind, we created Seven Bridges RHEO, our new product line for automations to help further streamline complex, multi-omic data workflows in one environment. Automation developers first write automation scripts in Python to automate as many steps of an analysis flow as possible, such as importing the raw data from a connected cloud storage, annotating file metadata, collecting the right reference files and apps, running multiple tasks, and exporting the final results. After deploying automation scripts on the Seven Bridges Platform, automation end users can then run these scripts via an auto-generated visual interface directly in their web browser and with the push of a button.

Key points you will learn:

  • An introduction to the different components of Seven Bridges RHEO.
  • How H3 Biomedicine Inc. utilizes our tools to improve their data workflows. 
  • How developers can write automation scripts for the Seven Bridges Platform using the RHEO Automation Development Kit (ADK).
  • End users will learn how to run and manage automations through the new RHEO Visual Interface (GUI). 


Featuring Expert Speakers

Christian Frech
Associate Director of Scientific Operations at Seven Bridges
Nathan Johnson SOG_0080_18 (2)
Nathan Johnson
Investigator I, Data Science and Bioinformatics at H3 Biomedicine Inc. 



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