A Primer on Genome Graphs for Diverse Genomic Analyses

Recorded on: 08/26/2020 @ 10:00 AM EST      Location: Online

Genome graphs are the next generation of genome references that are able to capture the genomic diversity of entire populations, enabling accurate and comprehensive discovery of relevant genetic mutations. The bioinformatics community has already started to shift from single haplotype reference genome assemblies to genome graphs, as more graph-based tools are becoming available. Building on years of experience developing pan-genome references to eliminate reference bias, Seven Bridges GRAF is now broadly available to researchers on all Seven Bridges Platforms. 

In this webinar, we will describe Genome Graph References constructed for multiple use cases, such as population analysis, de novo mutation detection, pathogen identification, somatic variant calling and present results illustrating the increased accuracy enabled by these references. We will also demonstrate our GRAF workflow, focusing on the ease of use and the compute cost saving.

Key points you will learn:

  • An introduction to Genome Graphs and their application areas.
  • Getting hands-on experience on Genome Graphs using Seven Bridges bioinformatics platforms.
  • Visualizing Genome Graphs, NGS read alignments and variant callings.


Featuring Expert Speakers

Amit Jain 02-2
Amit Jain
Graph Technology Director at Seven Bridges
serhat headshot portrait-1
Serhat Tetikol
Graph Product Director at Seven Bridges



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